Finding the right Waukesha County Real Estate Agent (Series 6 of 6)

In this installment of  Tom Braatz, How do I find the right real estate agent in Waukesha County? Series (#6 of 6) we will talk so much about what you want in Waukesha County Real Estate agents but more importantly what you don’t want in a Waukesha County Real Estate agent.

When looking for a Waukesha County real estate agent one of the most important thing you want to
establish is that the agent can utilize their time management correctly. How is that you say? Well, lets look at some things that are important and some things that are crucial. When you hire an agent you first of all would expect that agent to return your calls. There are times that calls go to myac1 cell phone or voice mail but I firmly believe everyone deserves a call back. Not a week from now, don’t forget the call, but return it in a fashionable and timely manner. It drives me nuts when people that do far less business never return their calls, and top it off with a phone message saying they return their calls between 1-2:30 in the afternoon. If you were my agent I would have fired you a long time ago with that attitude. This business is all about timing and being available when you need to put a transaction together, or keep it together for your client.

In the Waukesha County real estate market I always value my clients input and often it can really help me. If I have your home listed it is pretty fair to say no one knows your home better than you. The

details, the updates, and everything in between; I rely on you to tell me key
important factors that will help assist me in getting your home sold. Beware of the know it all agent that says they know what it takes and that all homes are the same. They are not. If they would be buyers would send in a check because they would know that they are all the same. Instead, buyers have a real good idea of what they want and when a buyer shops there are very elemental things that allow those “bells and whistles” to go off. I value your input, others should as well.

In Waukesha County real estate always, and I mean always make sure you know how an agent will approach selling your home from the time you interview them until the ESPA  ac4

RESPA is being signed and the lien waivers are turned over to the title company. Know exactly where it is advertised, how the calls are handled, who is going to be
handing all the aspects of the sale and closing process, and make sure you fully understand the settlement pages and closing statements. You do get what you pay for and that saying has never been more true than it is now.

Make sure you are in your comfort zone and you know you can work with the agent you wish to hire. I personally have a guarantee that say if at anytime you are not happy with the services and job I am doing you can withdrawal the listing at anytime, providing I do not already have an offer on the property. I built a business out of my reputation of being able to get homes sold, and by helping buyers find the home they really want and they are happy. If you can’t get a hold of your agent or no one in their office has a clue about your home then that
could be a flag. Difficult times require very innovative and exceptional techniques to get a home sold. Putting a sign in the front yard just doesn’t sell the home anymore; it now requires hard work and effort. Watch out for the agent that says they are a marketing aficionado and you can’t find examples, if any of the agents listings, websites, or other avenues that promote your

listing. A standard MLS picture is not all it takes in this market. An aggressive marketing plan is in order.

Being able to look at you in the face and give you an answer regardless if it brings you a little down is what you really want. Would it make sense for me to take your home if you were a for sale by owner and automatically add my commission on top just so I get the listing? Of course not, I deserve to get payed for my services when the job is done. One of the last things
ac6you need is me to be cutting the price one week after I have it listed because at that point I need an adjustment. You would be hurt bu this. Granted, price adjustments are necessary if a home is not selling but I sure doe not intend to buffalo you along the way. Just as important is the need to price the home correctly when you put it on the market. Sure your home is nice, but so are the others you are competing with. If your agent makes sense and can
justify why the price is where it needs to be at listen to them. Your goal is to get the home sold.

By understanding the whole process, what is involved in the whole process, and by having excellent communication (hire an agent that answers their phone on weekends and will always give you showing reports on when your home is shown so you are not left in the dark and having to hunt the agent down) you have a pretty good chance of accomplishing your goals and getting to a closing. Everything from quality pictures, a great on-line presence, and great communication and closing skills are some of the tools that are needed in today’s real estate Industry. When in doubt get those services to be done in writing. Have a pleasant journey whether you are selling a Waukesha County home or you are buying a Waukesha County home. There are many wonderful Waukesha County homes for sale, and remember this is your hard earned money and not the agents. The agent should have respect for this and realize that when you are happy they just may have future business or a referral in it for them. If you are in need of finding a Waukesha County real estate agent I welcome the chance to talk with you; whether you are buying or selling. Yes, is really is light at the end of the tunnel for you and your real estate needs.

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Have a productive day and I will see you at closing!

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