One cannot help but to be amazed at the friendly people you encounter walking down the main street in Hartland; Capitol Drive, or Cottonwood, or North. Friendly merchants offer you complete hospitality in their restaurants, card shops, specialty shops and more.Cherry_tree_blossomsI personally would hang out with my grand parents that lived just north of Hartland in a little town called Chenequa/North lake area. We always would come a couple minutes south to Hartland to watch parades, visit relatives, or eat at the wonderful Swiss restaurant, or the CobbleStone restaurant on the river.

Hartland has retained it’s charm for all these years, and I would be honored to answer any questions one may have about relocating, buying, or selling in the entire area.

The History of Hartland is very interesting as well. In 1837 the Village was known as Warren. In 1842, a grist mill was built by Christian Hershey, and the Village was rename Hersheyville. Earlier on Hartland was known as a recreational site. When the railroad came in 1854 the Village was given the name it still holds-Hartland, after the Indian word “Shabaquanake.”

Hartland was incorporated as a village in 1892. Hartland developed into the Village we know today.

If you have questions about Hartland, or other towns, cities, and villages, in Waukesha County, or Milwaukee, Jefferson, Dodge, and other counties just pick up the phone and call me, Tom Braatz. I would be honored to be of assistance to you.


Have a productive day and I will see you at closing!

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